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” ” is based on technical information given by the trusted manufacturers of the electric boards.

A very helpful feature on the HOME page and all product pages is the possibility to select the display units of the products, choosing between the different measure units systems ( kg/km/cm or lbs/mile/inch ).

The prices of the boards are in the 3 most used currencies  $, € and £. We show the price given by the sellers in their currency. The exchange rate is very dynamic so we choose to give the price in the currency provided by the seller to avoid miscalculation.  Once you click on the button “BUY NOW” you will be redirected to the website where you can see the exact current price. Sometimes you can find discounts or sales on the sellers website.

The displayed specifications are taken from the manufacturers, these numbers depend on rider’s weight, the terrain, the weather conditions, the way of riding, battery care and more.

You can add products to a Compare List in which all your saved e-boards will be shown in a table where you can easily see the difference in their prices and specifications.

We have a detailed buying guide information, which can be found in “TIPS” section.

If you have any questions just write to us at