Nº1 “Jack”


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Max speed: 18.6 mph
Range: 10 miles
Power: no info
Charge time: 3 hours
Weight: 12.1 lbs
Deck length: 42.1 inch
Wheel size: 80 mm
Warranty: 2 years




Nº 1 “JACK”

The JayKay Nº 1 “Jack” is a symmetrical drop-through board in a sandwich construction with a slight concave and medium-sized nose and tail. Due to special reinforcements in the area of the cut-outs, this board has an outstanding torsional rigidity despite a lot of flex. This results in an excellent driving behavior. You are looking for a flex cruiser that will allow you to make smooth turns? The JayKay “Jack” is the right board for you.
The electric drive, the batteries and all the electronics are installed invisibly in the axle. It is no different from other longboard axes. You alone know that you have a JayKay drive under your board.
We deliver you a ready assembled longboard!

Our patented e-axes can be mounted on all longboard decks, whether drop-through or top-mount. They are designed to be used as a couple for two at a time. The drive is protected against dust and splash water because we install it according to protection standard IP54 in the axle.
The e-axis is made of a high-quality aluminum alloy that is normally used in the automotive axle.
It forms the housing and cools the engine and the electronics.
Weight per axle including 2 motors, batteries and electronics 2.0 kg (4.4 lbs)

JAYKAY – DECK Nº 1 “Jack”
Length: 107cm / 42.12 ”
Width: 23cm / 9.05 ”
Concave: 10mm / 0.4 ”
Camber: 1.5cm / 0.6 ”
Wheelbase: 78cm / 30.7 ”
Broken edges
Horizontally coated ash core
Weight: 1500g / 3.3lbs

Replaceable rollers
Roll diameter 80 mm (3 inches)
Roll width 61.5 mm (2.4 inches)

Four integral motors
Torque 1.2 Nm per motor
100% freewheel even with empty batteries
Maximum slope of 20%
Maximum speed 30 km / h

Each hanger on the e-axis has four 2170 (0) high-performance cells integrated. In sum, we therefore obstruct each Elektor Longboard Kit, consisting of two e-axes eight cells. To protect the batteries against deep discharge and overvoltage, we integrated a Battery Management System (BMS).
Range 12 km – 15 km (7.5 miles-10miles)
battery Gentle charging time 3 h
rapid charging time 1 h
charging cycles 500
Battery via power supply with USB PD from profile 2 (recommended for long loading time from Profile 4)
Other devices can be inductively Qi; USB cable 5V, 1.5A are charged
The battery pack is interchangeable.
Certified for air travel.

Braking regains energy, allowing you to extend your maximum range. This allows you to slow down even when the battery is empty or full.
In the event of a fall, the board is automatically braked, as the electronics detect when a driver leaves the board.

Available for iOS and Android
Overview of your top speed, the average speed and the distance already covered. In addition, your current battery status will be displayed with the remaining range remaining.
Three different driving modes ( slow, fast, eco )
Board lock

The JayKay e-axes are simply controlled by our self-developed ring. It is the first sensor technology for the finger that is able to read, understand and be used as longboard control arm movements. It’s a fast and natural way of interacting.
Thanks to an integrated gyroscope, signals triggered by arm movements are detected. The sensors interpret the arm movement into commands and send the data to the e-axes via Bluetooth.
In order to trigger commands, the key must be kept pressed during the rotation of the arm. Depending on the direction of rotation you can accelerate or slow down the board.
A small display informs you about your current speed, the battery status and your chosen driving mode.
+48 hours battery
splash and water resistant

Our patented e-axis is developed, manufactured and shipped in Germany. We are of the highest quality and long life of enormous importance. That’s why we offer you
2 years warranty for the e-axis and the controller,
1 year warranty for the battery pack.

Other protective clothing, such as gloves, joint protectors or long sleeves is highly recommended.

In Germany, the operation of electric longboards, as with regular skateboards and longboards also, is currently only allowed on StVO-free places and on private grounds. Legislative legalization is currently underway and expected in early 2019.

Other countries have different regulations. These should be considered before buying.


Brand's country: Germany
Motor type: hub
Deck size: L: 42.1, W: 9.1 inch
Deck material: Wood
Rides uphill: 20 %
Airplane approved: Yes
Regenerative breaks: Yes
Battery life cycles: 500
Mobile app: Yes
Riding modes: 3
Unique feature:
batteries in the axles
Shipping info:
ships internationally

What is in the box ?

1. JayKay – Deck Nº 1 “Jack”
2. 2 synchronized JayKay e-axes
3. control
4. 2 power adapters with USB Type C – connection including harness for your country
5. Allen key

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