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Max speed: 20 mph
Range: 13 miles
Power: 1200 Watt
Charge time: 3-4 hours
Weight: 16.5 lbs
Deck length: 36 inch
Wheel size: 83 mm
Warranty: 1 year


SLICK R… Max-Eboard


Lightweight design with a great range. Easy to learn, easy to carve and perfect for the commuter.

92cm long for a stable ride – great for beginners
USB output to charge tech straight from the e-board

Fun mode: Top speed 20mph (32kph)
Practice mode: Top speed 10mph (16kph)
Braking: Strong controller activated regenerative

Motors: 1200W Upgraded Brushless direct current motor with Hall Sensor.
Deck: 36” (91.5cm) 7-ply Bamboo and Fibre Glass
Battery Case: Mold Made Tough Nylon Case
Truck: 7” Magaluma, gravity casting trucks
Raiser Pad: 6mm RU raiser pad
Wheels: 83 x 52mm, polyurethane (PU) street wheels
Bearing: ABEC-7 super smooth bearing
Protection: Water and dust resistant
Grip: 0S780 corundum grip tape

Multiple deck choice:
Bamboo Deck
A range of 7 ply Bamboo Decks available.
Flexible and easy to ride
Perfect for carving
Carbon 6 Deck

True Carbon Composite Construction
Multiple layers of Canadian Maple bonded under 8 tons of pressure to carbon fibre stack.
Mono-directional Carbon Fibre filament combined with 12k Carbon Fibre tweel.
Provides superior longitudinal and torsional stiffness.

All hardware compatible with standard skateboard tools.

Brand's country: UK
Motor type: belt
Deck size: L: 36 inch
Deck material: 4 options
Max load: 220 lbs
Rides uphill: 10 %
Regenerative breaks: Yes
Wireless remote control: Yes
Riding modes: 2
Water resistant: Yes
Shipping info:
International shipping available

What is in the box :


2.Certified Adaptor and Plug

3.USB to Micro USB Cable

4.Skate tool

5.Instruction Manual

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