E-GO 2

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Max speed: 12.5 mph
Range: 18 miles
Power: 400 Watt
Charge time: 3-5 hours
Weight: 13.9 lbs
Deck length: 37.8 inch
Wheel size: 90 mm
Warranty: 6 months



Ride the future
Meet the newest member of the E-GO series. Featuring a 12-mm, eight-layered composite wood deck to make it flexible and durable, two riding and speed modes to accommodate any rider, and a 400-watt motor, the E-GO2 possesses all of the qualities you’re looking for in an electric longboard.

New kicktail shape
The new stylish E-Go 2 kicktail shape gives you more control and better steering, and let you keep pace with the latest trends. The E-GO 2 is the ideal way to get around every day, because it’s easily transportable and weighs only 6.3 kg. The axes of the E-GO 2 are made of highest quality materials and allow the E-GO 2 to continuously adjust to changes in hardness. The ball-bearing rollers are smooth-running and low-wear.

Ride for up to 30 km
Thanks to the powerful battery, your riding fun lasts for up to 30 km before your board has to be charged again. Also, the powerful motor moves the E-GO 2 up to 20 km/h almost without making any noise, and is a generator for energy recovery on braking. And if your battery is ever empty, you can, of course, push or roll the E-GO 2 like any other skateboard at any time.

Choice of colours
Enjoy skating around with a personalised board and choose between three cool colours: the E-GO 2 is available in the Royal Wave (blue), Cool Mint or Hot Pink; and even if there’s no power left for a selfie of you and your cool coloured E-GO 2, simply charge your mobile phone via the integrated USB port.

Precise control using a controller or smartphone
Everything you need is wireless and right in your hand. Accelerate or apply the brakes easily with the slide of a knob on the E-GO2’s Bluetooth remote controller. You have the choice between two preset acceleration levels and the integrated LEDs, and the built-in vibration alarm constantly tell you how much battery power the board and controller have left. If you don’t want to use the controller, then use your smartphone as a controller by downloading the E-GO app.


  • Top speed 20 km/h
  • Range of up to 30 km per battery charge
  • Kicktail
  • Regenerative braking system
  • Intelligent drive system
  • Wireless Bluetooth remote control or control via smartphone app
  • Integrated USB port
  • Available in 3 different colors


Please respect the local laws and check if a ride is allowed at the place you want to drive.

Brand's country: USA
Motor type: belt
Deck size: L: 37.8, W: 9.4 inch
Deck material: Wood
Max load: 220 lbs
Rides uphill: 10 %
Regenerative breaks: Yes
Wireless remote control: Yes

What is in the box:

1. E-GO 2 electric board

2. Wireless controller

3. Charger

4. USB cable

5. T tool and pin tool

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