41 Stealth

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Max speed: 24 mph
Range: 20 miles
Power: 3000 Watt
Charge time: no info
Weight: 16.6 lbs
Deck length: 41 inch
Wheel size: 83 mm
Warranty: 6 months





New 24 mph Top Speed!

We are proud to offer the Metroboard Slim Electric Longboard Stealth Edition, with an all black deck and battery box.  The Metroboard Slim has been completely redesigned from the ground up for a truly unique carving and transportation solution that takes the Metroboard Electric Skateboard to a whole new level of fun, styling, and portability.

Amazing Features

  • Top SpeedNEW 24 mph
  • 6374 Brushless Outrunner Motor rated for 3000 Watts Peak Power (600 Watts Continuous): Will rocket you up even the steepest hills!
  • Slim Long Range Lithium Battery: Just 22 mm thick! Available in 4 capacities: a 10 mile (36V 4.4AH), 15 mile (36V 6.6AH), 20 mile (36V 8.8AH) range option, and an incredible 40 mile (36V 17.6AH) range option.
  • 41” Longboard Deck: This beautiful Black deck looks gorgeous and carves like a dream thanks to its broad 10″ width across the entire riding platform.  The small kicktail makes kick-turning a breeze!
  • Caliber II 10” 50° Reverse Kingpin Trucks: These well respected trucks are known for their super smooth carving and beautiful sculpted looks. Combined with our wide platform longboard deck, you have, to put it simply, a “Carving Machine”.
  • 97 mm (Green 78A) and 83 mm (Clear Red 75A) GENUINE ABEC-11 BRAND Super High Rebound Wheels: With a rebound of over 80%, these shock absorbing wheels provide a super smooth ride on both smooth and rougher asphalt.
  • Slim Aluminum Battery Box: To house the Slim Battery, we designed a stylish yet durable Slim Aluminum Battery Box, Powder Coated Black, that not only looks cool, but makes carrying the Metroboard Electric Longboard a breeze, due to its evenly distributed weight across the entire length of the deck.
  • Brushless Motor Controller (MADE IN THE USA): Completely redesigned from the ground up for improved reliability and new features such as the ability to drive High Power LEDs.
  • High Power Front and Rear Lighting: High Power 2 Watt LEDs give you a super high visibility front headlight and rear tail light, and also make our custom translucent risers glow! Not only will others see you, but you will see the road ahead of you thanks to their incredible high power output! Our New Optional 10 Watt LEDs are even brighter and are housed in a super slick Nickel Plated Aluminum Riser with Polycarbonate Lens to add some serious bling to your ride!
Carving without pushing has never been so much fun! Even inexperienced skaters, will learn to ride this dream board in no time!


Brand's country: USA
Motor type: belt
Deck size: L: 41, W: 10 inch
Max load: 300 lbs
Lights: 2 Watt (10 Watt Optional)
Regenerative breaks: Yes
Wireless remote control: Yes
Riding modes: 9
Unique feature:
Has a warning BELL , activated by the Wireless Remote Control
Shipping info:
Ships Worldwide

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