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Max speed: 23 mph
Range: 15 miles
Power: 2 x 300 Watt Watt
Charge time: 2 hours
Weight: 16.8 lbs
Deck length: 33 inch
Wheel size: 83 mm
Warranty: 1 year



Exchangeable and flexible

The trucks can be replaced by whatever you prefer. Thanks for the patented motor design. You can also convert the electric version back to normal board easily, extremely useful when you run out of battery.

Rugged and Robust
Canadian Maple wood, extra thick board plus an extra layer of fiberglass guarantees the durability of BoardUp.

Low maintenance cost
Replaceable motor rubber wheels make maintenance simple. Also, the whole hub motor can fit in any standard trucks. another savings by reusing your truck.

Step To Fold
Simply step on the kick pad to allow BoardUp to stand up for a quick pickup. No finger pinch. It is safe.

Unfold with style
BoardUp is built to withstand your riding style. It is safe. firmly locked when riding. and the rubber in the middle will protect you from finger pinch.

Locks safely when unfolded:
Safety is the highest concern when innovating BoardUp-patented hinge design.
1. Once the board is expanded, the hinge locks and will not fold up while riding. Even ollies or curb-hopping won’t fold it!
2. Four rubber blockers are installed in the middle of the deck and keep the hinge from pinching your fingers.
3. The entire design is durable and reliable.

Youtube Reviews
Received positive reviews from big Youtubers including Casey Neistat, Braille Skateboarding, Shonduras and many more.


  1. Does it come with a remote controller, with a string attached? Yes.
  2. Can I take BoardUp-E on an airplane as carry-on luggage? The new airline requirement for electric skateboards is for the battery to be detached and capacity <100 Watts. Our Boardup-E Dual uses 160WH battery. So no.
  3. Can I also use Boardup–E as a normal longboard if the battery is detached? Yes. Just Unplug the power cable from the battery box, and replace the motor wheel with a normal one.
  4.  How long will it take to charge the battery? Approximately 2 hours.
  5. Is BoardUp-E or BoardUp-add on waterproof? BoardUp can be used in rainy days, but the battery cannot be submerged underwater.
  6. Can I ride the BoardUp-E up hills? BoardUp-E can climb up to a 12-degree slope hill for typical weight.
  7. Can BoardUp-E ride over rough terrain like rocks and long grass?  Probably not.
Brand's country: USA
Motor type: hub
Deck size: L: 33, W: 8.5, H: 3 inch
Max load: 200 lbs
Rides uphill: 12 %
Wireless remote control: Yes
Riding modes: 4
Water resistant: Yes
Shipping info:
Ships internationally - approximately 15 days

What is in the box:

1. BoardUp-E dual.
2. remote controller(With LCD Screen)
3. charger
4. 2 x 83mm replaceable wheels 

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