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Max speed: 25 mph
Range: 10 miles
Power: 1100 Watt
Charge time: 2 hours
Weight: 10.5 lbs
Deck length: no info
Wheel size: 92 mm
Warranty: 6 months


One Drive, Any Deck

The Revel Drive is an electric skateboard kit that can be installed on most skateboard decks.

Need For Speed – The Revel Drive can go up to 25mph.

Take The Long Way Home – Up to 10 miles range. Swap batteries for more.

No Pebbles Can Stop You – Large 92mm wheel diameter for added comfort.

Easy Climb – Ride on hills up to 20º gradient.

In-wheel Motors – Powerful 1100 watts dual hub motors.

Regenerative Braking – No wasted energy when stopping at lights or going downhill.

Swappable Battery – Click-in system makes swapping the battery a breeze.

Battery Indicator – Check the drive battery life right on the remote control.

Bluetooth Remote – Control your Revel Drive with reliable bluetooth connection. Experience the most ergonomic and easy to use electric skateboard remote control. Smooth Acceleration – The linear control gives you a smooth riding experience.

Reverse Mode – Overshot the stop sign? Reverse mode gets you back to safety.

Water Resistant – Puddles and light rain won’t stop you.

Stellar Customer Service – We want your experience to be nothing short of exceptional.

Money Back Guarantee – Piece of mind with a 30-day money back guarantee.

6-Month Warranty – The Revel Drive comes with a worry-free 6-months warranty.

Brand's country: USA
Motor type: hub
Max load: 264 lbs
Rides uphill: 20 %
Changeable battery: Yes
Regenerative breaks: Yes
Pay it over time: Yes
Wireless remote control: Yes
Water resistant: Yes

What is in the box ?

1. Revel Drive
2. Front Truck
3. Revel Battery
4. Charging Dock
5. Charging Adapter
6. Bluetooth Remote
7. Remote Charging Cable
8. Skate Tool
9. Shock Pad
10. Deck Screws
11. Spare Drive Wheels (optional)

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