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Max speed: 34 mph
Range: 15 miles
Power: no info
Charge time: 3 hours
Weight: 42 lbs
Deck length: 39.8 inch
Wheel size: 254 mm
Warranty: 1 year




The G4 is the e-board of choice for pretty much all general riding conditions. This includes tarmac, grass, gravel and dirt.

Even though it isn’t as powerful as the G4X, the G4 still has more grunt than the conventional electric skateboard. So you still be at the head of the pack in group rides.

The G4 has the additional advantage of being able to achieve 15% longer range than the G4X. And with its independent suspension and shock absorption system, it feels like you are floating on a cloud during your journey.

So if range and ride comfort are more important to you, then the BajaBoard G4 is the way to go. Bear in mind, it is still freaking powerful regardless of how much we downplay it.

  • Two Wheel Drive – 2 x 63mm motors rear
  • 550Wh Battery
  • Top speed up to 55kph / 34mph
  • Range up to 25km / 15mi
  • Weight 19kg / 42lbs
  • Maximum rider weight 150kg / 330lbs
  • Recharge time 3hrs
  • Available spring colors: red, green, blue (email us after order to confirm selection)
  • WITHOUT Lights
Brand's country: Australia
Motor type: belt
Deck size: L: 39.8, H: 10.4 inch
Deck material: Maple Composite
Max load: 330 lbs
Rides uphill: 30 %
Regenerative breaks: Yes
Splash resistant: Yes
Wireless remote control: Yes
Unique feature:
Independent suspension and shock absorption system.
Shipping info:
Ships to Australia, North America, New Zealand and EU

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