Aluminum A/T

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Max speed: 25 mph
Range: 15 miles
Power: no info
Charge time: no info
Weight: 75 lbs
Deck length: 46.5 inch
Wheel size: no info
Warranty: 1 year


The Aluminum A/T (All Terrain) Electric Skateboard is one of the fastest and most powerful electric skateboards ever offered to the public. Don’t let the All Terrain part of the name fool you, A/T’s are just at home cruising streets and roads as they are off-road, especially when equipped with performance Kenda Street Slicks.

The Aluminum A/T All Terrain powerboard is just plain “overpowered”. Our customers are always surprised by its size, speed, and brutal torque. Steep hills and broken terrain are no challenge for the A/T, the big pneumatics will go over almost anything, and the massive torque this powerboard produces will get you up just about any hill.

B & B “industrial grade” batteries provide an unheard of 15 mile range on flats.

The “industrial grade” European electronics manufactured for us by PG Drives Technologies delivers 70 amps of power, these sophisticated electronics come with an unheard of one year warranty.

The .25 inch aluminum deck is laser cut, hydraulically pressed and shaped to provide a ride that is much tighter, smoother, and more integrated than a wooden deck. A 14-inch width offers a large, stable platform, that is also easy to carve.

Built to last, a combination of a strong and simple design mated to proven, high-quality components, E-Glide A/T’s will provide you with reliable service for many years.

Brand's country: USA
Motor type: belt
Deck size: L: 46.5, W: 14.5, H: 9 inch
Deck material: Aluminum
Rides uphill: 30 %
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