We believe that good air and living in a quieter and calmer environment will make us healthier and happy.

We can use light electric vehicles for our commute and this is one of the best things we can do for us and the planet. Moving with electric boards will significantly improve our quality of life. We can pass over long distances fast and with pleasure almost for free, we can cut the air and sound pollution close to zero, we can take much less space than a car and experience the surf-ride feeling every time when we want to go somewhere.

Our team have worked for the idea of this website countless hours and spent many sleepless nights to collect, synthesize and present you in a clean and effective way most of the quality electric boards available on the market today. If you like, please share it with friends. We will continue to put more features and improve our website, adding value to our visitors and giving our best to always keep you up to date with the ever-developing technology and the trends in the electric boarding.